Todd on 18 Dec 2019

Satalyst’s Security Practice – Securing the Cloud

Securing the Cloud – Satalyst is excited to announce our new Security and Automation Practice.

“Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. 1  “

Whether a Public, Private or a Hybrid cloud solution,  cloud environments are only as secure as they have been configured. In nearly all cases, security breaches happen due to misconfiguration, inappropriate access controls or mismanagement by third party providers.

“IBM estimates that the average Cost of a Data Breach to an Australian organisation is $290 million or $157 per data unit. 2 “

Satalyst takes a Security First approach to all cloud solutions.  Data loss can occur in many ways, from deliberate external attacks to accidental sharing of information and files over email. Providing security reviews and audits, penetration testing, security monitoring, security remediation and risk mitigation practices, Satalyst will ensure that however you use the cloud, it will be as secure as possible.

“66% of SMBs would either go out of business completely or be forced to shut down for at least a day following a cyber breach. 3

From Office and Microsoft 365 environments through to complex Azure and hybrid cloud environments, Satalyst’s security team has significant proven experience securing and hardening networks and cloud environments.

Don’t leave your cloud unsecured, the first four new SMC customers* to make contact will be eligible for a free 5-day security audit and report of your Cloud security.

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Offer expires 29th of February 2020 or earlier if offers taken up.


* Please contact Satalyst to confirm eligibility