Rachel Coyne on 02 Feb 2017

Perth’s Satalyst helping to digitally shape future tourism in South Australia

PERTH 31 December 2017 – SATALYST PTY LTD (www.satalyst.com)

Technology developed in Perth is playing a key role in helping the South Australian Government plan and shape the future of some of the state’s biggest tourism events.

Using technology developed by Perth business solutions company Satalyst, the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) is undertaking a digital transformation of major international events, including the 2017 Santos Tour Down Under, which finished last week.

As part of its ongoing partnership with SATC and the Tour Down Under, Satalyst provided new technology to track and analyse the movement of close to 800,000 spectators during the nine-day event. The Satalyst People Movement Monitor identifies key data such as dwell times, entry and exit points and overall spectator movements that will be used to shape and improve future events.

Satalyst’s People Movement Monitor gathers no personal identifying information and works by tracking the unique address of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices within a designated area. Importantly, data collected by the cloud-based tracker is provided in real time and not kept by Satalyst and sold on to third parties.

The People Movement Monitor was trialled at SATC’s Adelaide Fashion Festival last year and immediately identified for use at other major events, including the Tour Down Under.

Satalyst Managing Director Todd Elliott said the technology offered businesses and organisations the opportunity to implement business improvement strategies backed by reliable intelligence.

“Data is really the critical tool for businesses seeking to improve the way they operate and Satalyst solutions are able to capture that data in an efficient and unobtrusive way,” Mr Elliott said.

“The value of the People Movement Monitor extends far beyond a single event like the Tour Down Under. It is part of a wider digitalisation of how the SATC approaches data collection and we’re really proud to be an ongoing part of that process.

“The technology performed very well during the Tour Down Under and harbours huge potential for use at festivals, shopping centres, sporting events, airports, local government events and by anyone needing to analyse the flow patterns of large numbers of people.”

In addition to the People Movement Monitor, the Satalyst Tracker – a solution for monitoring cyclist positions and relaying live performance data to broadcasters – was also used at the 2017 Tour Down Under following a successful trial during last year’s race.  It was used to track vehicles and motorbikes in the race convoy, providing important real-time information about the state of the race to the broadcaster. Satalyst also developed an application to streamline collection of jersey’s and administration for the over 5000 participants in the BUPA Challenge Tour.

“The Tour Down Under generated nearly $50 million for the South Australian economy in 2016 and attracted just under 800,000 spectators. Given the scale of the event, you can see why organisers rely so heavily on the kind of accurate, meaningful intelligence Satalyst solutions provide,” Mr Elliott said.

“Because they are cloud-based, our solutions are incredibly cost effective and benefit large and smaller businesses alike. They’re able to provide a level of intelligence that is key to helping businesses make smarter decisions and improve the way they operate.”


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