Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful tool enabling an organisation to proactively detect and respond to cyber-attacks and data breaches across its full digital estate.

Microsoft Sentinel allows you to see and stop threats before they cause harm. Microsoft Sentinel is the first cloud-native Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) solution.

This single cloud solution connects to and collects data from multiple sources, including users, devices, applications, and infrastructure deployed on-premises and in various clouds. It normalises, correlates, and analyses your organisation’s data to provide visibility and threat detection across your entire networked environment.

Threat detection and response are more intelligent and faster with artificial intelligence, and incident response is rapid with built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks. Built on the Azure cloud means unlimited speed and scale ready to meet your organisational needs, and you pay only for the resources you need when you need them.

Threat detection and response is an important stage of the cybersecurity lifecycle.

Azure Sentinel can help strengthen an organisation’s cyber security posture in four ways:

Azure Sentinel SEIM and SOAR

COLLECT – Through data connectors and integrations, Azure Sentinel combines data from all Microsoft and non-Microsoft sources, including users, devices, end point applications, infrastructure environment, and third-party data to understand the full digital estate.

DETECT – Built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning uses Microsoft’s analytics and threat intelligence to detect previously uncovered threats. It analyses signals from different data sources, reducing noise from alerts, minimising false positives, drilling, and analysing anomalous events to present incidents that really require attention.

INVESTIGATE – Azure Sentinel’s artificial intelligence hunts and investigates suspicious activities that could signal a breach. Its hunting capabilities help proactively detect potential issues before they cause damage. It allows organisations to understand how an incident or event occurred and how to stop it from happening again.

RESPOND – The artificial intelligence makes Azure Sentinel respond to the threat incidents and events rapidly. An organisation can create their own playbooks built on the foundation of Azure logic apps to respond to alerts. If an incident is discovered, built-in orchestration and automation goes to work to protect your environment.

Azure Sentinel allows organisations to see the threats clearer and eliminate the distractions.

Its versatile features can play a huge role in reducing the effort, alert volume and reactive processes that currently dominates the cybersecurity space.

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