How secure is your organisation?

A Satalyst Cyber Security Assessment takes an indepth look at a cloud environment to identify security gaps that make a critical difference to an organisation during a security incident.

The objective is to understand the security vulnerabilities in your cloud environment. Therefore, enabling risk prioritisation and actions to build a strong defence against cyber threats.

Satalyst’s Cloud Security Assessment uses tools, interviews, and policy reviews to assess your organisation’s current security posture. We measure security mitigation strategies against Microsoft best practice and the Australian Government’s mandatory Essential Eight strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents.

As a result of the assessment, we identify any critical security issues and prioritise improvement recommendations inline with the needs and objectives of your organisation. Furthermore, our Cloud Security Assessment report provides actionable next steps to apply security controls to mitigate the risks. Satalyst’s security experts can implement the security measures or they can guide your IT department through implementation.

The outcome is to help you better avoid attacks and survive incidents with enhanced security practices for your Azure, Office365, or hybrid cloud environments.

Why choose Satalyst for your cloud security services?

We understand that cyber security extends beyond the technology. Cyber security is a whole of business issue touching on all aspects of business, technology, and organisational culture. Our experts have cutting-edge skills and knowledge in cloud and security. But they also readily engage with the business to understand the organisation’s culture, objectives, and operating style.

Satalyst does not take the ‘one size fits all’ approach to cloud security or cloud services. Our customer-centric approach means we will adapt to your preferred style. We will either work collaboratively alongside you, or work for you and take it all off your hands.

Regardless of where your business is on the cloud adoption journey, we can help you build best practice security into each step of your Microsoft cloud operations. Above all, we will help you maximise all the security features you have as part of your Microsoft licenses and ensure value and a robust defense against cyber threats to your business.

For more information, download our Satalyst Secure Cyber Security Assessment brochure. Or contact us today.

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Cyber Security with Satalyst